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Wakka wakka.

What a great fucking weekend. Words cannot amount to the extent of my happiness now. I’m extremely satisfied with the decisions I’ve made for the past couple weeks. Everything that I’ve done to come to this point has benefited in one way or another. I mean, shit. I haven’t felt this happy in a LOOOONG time. I’m content. Physically, emotionally, hunger-wise.. lolol.

I have enough food to last me a cold, harsh winter. I’m guaranteed a fucking diploma. I got to kick it with kids that I’ve known before my balls dropped. I’ve grown even closer to the guys I consider my brothers. I’m finally situated at home, at school, and socially.

And thennn, I met you…again. Janine-Secret “Pistol Pete” Guiao. Dude, ya don’t even knowwwww. The fucking anticipation I had that night to get out the car and see you again (GUYS, I HAD A HARD ASS CRUSH ON THIS GIRL IN SEVENTH GRADE). You are honestly the coolest, most down to earth girl I’ve ever met. Like, ever. *camel chew* Hahah. Believe it or not, you make me pretty fucking happy. Dork.

Okay, enough. I need to call someone on Skype. And make fresh beats. UHHHHH~ DRIZZY DRAKE ON DA MIC.

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